Saturday, October 7th, 2017
10 AM - 4 PM
@ Vegas Roots 715 N Tonopah Dr,
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Garden Farms of Nevada has partnered with the Grow Your Own Festival again this year for the Second Annual Festival on October 7th
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Garden Farms of Nevada has partnered with the Grow Your Own Festival again this year for the Second Annual Festival on October 7th! We know that there are so many approaches to growing your food, and with the Grow Your Own Festival highlighting many ways to grow and learn, there is something for everyone.

Garden Farms was built on the idea that everyone should know how to grow their own food; sustainably and deliciously. Growing your own food can mean having a small herb garden in the kitchen window, to a veritable garden farm taking up your back (and hopefully front!) yard. With amazing soil, custom garden beds, fruit trees, edible landscape installations, and hands-on advice in your own space, we help you to get the most out of any size garden.

Everyone we meet has a unique vision for how to grow their own food, and we custom fit garden spaces to each need. From small herb gardens, to converted landscape planters, huge orchards, and one of the largest school garden programs in the country, Garden Farms of Nevada has literally built acres of food-producing landscapes across the Las Vegas Valley!

Partnering with the Clark County School District’s School Garden Program has allowed us to share our passion for growing food in the Mojave Desert with thousands in our community. Our urban farmers work with teachers, students and parents every day to share hands-on skills and organic practices for turning a saved seed into a tasty fruit. Farmers share the importance of working with and preserving precious resources, from water to pollinating insects, and are helping to form lifelong habits. With so much interest, botany classes and garden clubs are being formed at the high school level, as well as K-12 curriculum to support urban agriculture, nutrition and culinary skills. Horticulture has even found a foothold again in higher education in Southern Nevada, with degree programs started at Nevada State College this fall!

What growing your own food means to you comes about organically. Want to get outside with the kids while they learn? Put some seeds in the ground. Want to eat better – not just better for you, but so much better tasting? Give your seeds some water. Want to use your backyard, schoolyard, or courtyard for so much more than wasted water on grass? Sing to your new plants. Want to have a beautiful, productive landscape year-round, share with your friends and neighbors, learn a new skill and try new foods? Enjoy the bounty of your harvest!

Come see us at the Grow Your Own Festival October 7th. We can’t wait to learn how you envision growing your own food, and we look forward to helping you make that a reality.



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