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Do you live in the Desert?  Do you like tomatoes?  Have you accepted that you can only grow in certain months and only grow a small amount before they stop producing and start burning?

I have a solution, and I’m not even trying to sell you something.  This isn’t labor intensive and you won’t have to move your current soil beds.  In fact you’ll do LESS work!  Ready?  Really ready??

Remove the tomato cages!!  FREE THE TOMOTOES!  Yep, I said it.  I’ve been doing this for 5ish years and I can actually testify to the results.  See, in the beginning I thought you had to space the plants perfectly (yes, I’m a cheater and don’t grow straight to soil from seed), cage them like horticultural felons and accept the limited fruits of your labor…

THEN about 5 years ago, I went to a gardening workshop by Leslie Doyle at Plant World and it changed everything.  She suggested planting late (I ignored that part), planting close and letting the plants HEAP!  Yes, HEAP.  Crazy and contradictory to everything we may have ever been taught.  However, through a process known as “Inference” the plants will actually self-regulate the temperature based on the water they are receiving through the roots from within the heap.  If you’ve ever touched the stalk of your plants you already know what I’m talking about.  The way they feel warm and wet, distributing a little bit of humidity unlike other plants?  The outside fruit may still burn, but all summer long your plants will continue to flower and produce fruit deep inside of the heap.

I should mention though, if you have a big is-challenged dog like we do, you might want to cage your plants for the first few weeks… just until they are sturdy and no longer entice unwanted K9 advances.

Let me know how stoked you are with the results!  Peace Out!! ✌



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